El Rosario Health Centre

The (Proposed) El Rosario Health Centre

Proposed Budget:

Health Centre: $3,500 USD

Pharmacy: $2,500 USD

Transportation of Materials: $500 USD

Grand Total: $6,500 USD

A Dream to Build Community On!

If you had a chance to read up on the struggle that the people of El Rosario face to get medical attention, you know how much it would mean to this community to have a local place where one can be seen by a doctor without the trauma of traveling miles at ungodly hours and waiting in long line-ups.  This is the dream that is being put forward by Ana Lopez (Purple Hill Humanitarian and the first student of our scholarship, now a registered nursing professional).

Ana must provide 6 months of voluntary services as a nurse (which she plans to do in Potosí, only 14 km from El Rosario) before she can work independently, which will be in December, 2015. She has made connections with doctors in Chindandega & El Viejo, the two closest cities to El Rosario who are willing to pay visits to the community when they are able.

Ana has agreed to donate a piece of her own land (1/4 acre) to the Ministry of Health. We are currently in the process of making arrangements with Nicaragua's Ministry of Health (Ministerio de Salud, or MINSA for short). If we agree to build the health centre, MINSA will put the personnel in place (doctor + 1-2 nurses). The idea is to build a shelter where people can be seen privately by the doctor and an adjacent pharmacy with basic medications available. The proposal and budget for this are summarized above.

Currently (April, 2015), we are in the process of ensuring the property and health centre will belong to the community in perpetuity. Tentative plans to build the health centre are being developed for December, 2015.

If you are interested in supporting this fabulous project, please get in touch!