Health Care

How we are Supporting Access to Health Care in Rural Nicaragua

The rural areas of Nicaragua tend benefit last from the country’s development. While Nicaraguans are gaining improved access to care overall [world bank], there are still some corners of Nicaragua where people face considerable obstacles to access health care services. 

We work in two rural communities and are taking a number of approaches to the problem. Aside from supporting local students to become health care professionals, the following are some of the things we are doing to support health care directly:


2014 Health Brigade to El Rosario

Health Brigades:

bringing health professionals to the rural community for a day to consult with community members.

2009 Health Brigade

Health Centres:

building and maintaining rural health centres that will be staffed in perpetuity by Nicaragua's Ministery of Health. 

Individual Sponsorship:

For individuals from rural areas of Nicaragua who have special medical circumstances, we help offset the costs of travel and medications to get the help they need.