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Volunteer in the Schools

One of the most wonderful things about Nicaragua is the interaction with the people. At least, this is what our volunteer teachers have found out time and time again. School children across Nicaragua are receiving public education that is constantly developing in quality and reach. 

Our volunteer teachers have gone to one of two places: León, or Sontule. 

Sutiava, León

León is one of Nicaragua's most colonial cities. When the original León settlement (called 'León Viejo') was destroyed by volcanoes and natural disasters in the 1600s, the colonists re-established their city 20 miles to the west, near the indigenous settlement of 'Sutiava'.

Sutiava is now a marginalized community on the outskirts of León. Many of the publicly funded schools are still struggling to meet the basic needs of their students. 

Mercedes Pérez Vélez is the granddaughter of one of the most prominent indigenous elders. She is also the director of 3 of these struggling schools and is one of the Purple Hill Humanitarians. She works tirelessly to ensure that the students in her schools get everything they need. 

Mercedes, the director of the school & volunteer Brenna.