Get Involved

What you can do:


1. Personalized volunteering opportunities available.

2. Donations can be directed at a project of your choice.

3. Consider organizing a fundraiser to support our work!


When there are projects underway, we welcome volunteers to join us and contribute with any skill or talents they can offer.

At any other time, there are three locations in Nicaragua where volunteers have been hosted by local families and carved out opportunities for themselves in the respective communities. If you are interested in a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style volunteering opportunity, please get in touch

Below are examples of volunteer experiences. What will yours look like? 

Brenna (in the sunglasses) with the students she spent 2 months teaching English to in León, Nicaragua

Example 1: Brenna is a Toronto teen (pictured here amongst a swarm of beautiful children) who stayed with a host family in the city of León in 2012 and delivered English classes to grades 1, 2 and 3 students. She had the opportunity to explore other parts of Nicaragua with her host ‘sisters’ and became proficient in Spanish within only 2 month! The relationships she built there with her host family members have been lasting ones. If you're interested in teaching English, find more information here.

Andrew, after a hard day of work on the coffee farm.
Andrew, after a hard day of work on the coffee farm.

Example 2: Andrew (AKA Andres) is from St. Louis, Missouri. He wanted to gain experience in organic agriculture and animal husbandry. He planned to visit the organic coffee farm in Sontule, near the city of Estelí, for only 3 weeks in 2011 but stayed for 3 months! He would participate in daily chores on the farm. His Spanish improved by leaps and bounds and he formed long-lasting relationships with the family and community members. Andres has continued to support the local baseball team in this community by sending donated sports equipment. If you are interested in knowing more about volunteering on the organic coffee farm, please find more information here.


Monetary donations are always welcome, and donors are asked to specifiy how they would like their funds used (e.g. scholarship, health centre). However, Purple Hill Humanitarians are not a registered charity in Canada and we are not able to provide tax receipts. What we do guarantee is that 100% of donated funds are dedicated to the cause because we are a volunteer-run organization and there are no overhead costs. Even the costs of administering funds (e.g. transfer fees and exchange rates) are covered by the volunteer managing directors personally, as our personal contribution to the project. If you are interested in donating, please contact us directly.

Buy a Painting

Check out the beautiful paintings by Marlon Velasquez. By purchasing one of these paintings, you are not only supporting the artist, but $50 from the sale of each painting contributes to the scholarship program.

Organize a Fundraiser

Apart from being passionate and committed to the continued support of our friends in Nicaragua, we are all very busy people! We often have difficulty finding the time to raise the funds to support our own programs and will gladly facilitate any effort to raise funds on our behalf. If you have an idea, don’t be shy! Get in touch!