Improving Access to Education
One Community at a Time

Education makes all the difference in the future of a person, family and community. It is no surprise, then, that one of the major obstacles to improving the lives and livelihoods of people in rural Nicaragua is access to education. The word "access" should be emphasized because Nicaragua boasts an ever-improving public education system. Yet having access to that system remains difficult for many living in communities as remote as Sontule or El Rosario.

Walter and Juan Ramón, of Sontule, received bicycles in 2012 to help them get to school on time each morning.


Our involvement in supporting rural education was born out of a frustration of seeing our Nicaraguan friends try, and fail, to make advances in life without being able to (a) get to school, (b) stay in school or (c) afford the materials required for school. As you will see, reading through our projects, we have sought ways to address all of those points above, addressing the obstacles the individual student is facing.


Our projects have involved improving schools, advocating for more and better education services in the schools and supporting the costs of transportation and materials for students who need to travel to get the education they seek. Our vision is for individuals to be prepared and trained to provide the badly needed services required in their communities.

Some of the 2013 High School Sponsorship recipients, showing off their glowing report cards
Some of the 2013 High School Sponsorship recipients, showing off their glowing report cards.


2008: Carmen gains familiarity with the communities

2009: Two El Rosario students begin receiving the high school sponsorship. Planning for school improvement projects starts. The Sutiava scholarship project begins.
2010: Purple Hill Humanitarians is born! A Computer School is opened in Sontule. Improvements to the Sontule School (to become a secondary school) and the El Rosario primary school take place.
2011: Fourteen students graduate from primary school in El Rosario (the most that have ever finished primary education in history). Five more students begin a scholarship to attend secondary school from El Rosario.
2012: Another 10 students join the El Rosario High School Sponsorship program.
2013: Another 10 students join the El Rosario Scholarship program. The first 4 students from El Rosario graduate from high school! Three continue into a nursing program. A student from Sontule, Nelson Gamez, is offered a scholarship to study medicine.
2014: Planning for the El Rosario Health Centre begins. A total of 39 high school students are sponsored and 3 nursing students receive scholarships.
2015: Continued planning for the El Rosario Health Centre, 41 students receive the scholarship and the first nursing student